Samoan Forest, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 92cm ,1923 AIB Art Collection

Mary Swanzy

HRHA, 1882-1978

Mary Swanzy was born in Dublin in 1882.She studied at The Dublin Metropolitan School under Walter Osborne and in Paris under Delacluse.By 1905, she was immersed in the Parisian art scene and was directly exposed to the works of Cezanne, Gaugin and the other prominent painters of the time. In 1919 she travelled to Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia where she famously painted vibrant markets and rooftop scenes. Swanzy visited Samoa and Honolulu where she was inspired by the exotic landscape and colour palate. In the 1930’s she spent time in London, where she painted works inspired by the destruction she witnessed in the Second World War. The Samoan Forest captures the essence of her travels to the South Seas and demonstrates her skill in capturing this lush green, exotic landscape.