Nettle Coat, Nettles, pins,hanger, 70 x 60 x5cm,1996 Arts Council Collection
Alice Maher Nettle Coat

Alice Maher


Alice Maher was born in Tipperary in 1956 and was educated at the University of Ulster, Belfast before going on to study at the San Francisco Art Institute,California. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her work features in many private and public collections such as the Dublin City Gallery- The Hugh Lane, The Museum of Modern Art and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. In her work, Alice explores themes of emotion and identity, often referencing myths and sometimes fairy tales.Her use of material adds another dimension to her thematic concerns. Nettles, thorns, berries, bees,teardrops, snails, animal organs and human hair are all features of her most iconic works. The artist has pushed the boundries of what is possible with such transient materials. As an  artist she is familiar with the properties and associations of bronze, stone and Iron and so by using these alternatives she is creating a new association, one without precedent.In terms of conservation, the artist is still very much on call to advise how to maintain these delicate creations as time goes by. Her famous Berry Dress is part of the Irish Museum of Modern Arts’ permanent collection.