Rain on the Moon, Oil on Canvas, 81 x 88cm, 1981 Arts Council Collection

Patrick Collins

HRHA, 1910-1994

Patrick Collins was born in Dromore West, Co.Sligo,Collins had a tragic childhood, loosing his brother, sister and father over a  three year period. He was then sent to the St. Vincent De Paul Orphanage in Glasnevin Dublin to finish his education. Working for Irish Life Assurance for 20 years,Collins wished to pursue a career in writing , but painting prevailed and Collins began taking some night courses at the National College of Art Design. Collins was largely self taught and his style of painting was distinctive and unparalled among international trends. He often depicted a dreamlike versions of the Irish landscape and people.Collins was acutely influenced by his environment, the artist used a muted palate of grey, blue and white and through the 70’s and 80’s his works became more abstract. Rain on the Moon is an example of this abstract period ,the viewer is drawn in to a shimmering composition of whites and greys